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Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 10 črc 2019 00:12
od Peno
So essentially no one responded to your questions, and that's homophobic? Srsly?

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 17 črc 2019 06:26
od Bukowski
DENISKA : Awful experience xxx28,deniska-maz ... -737542349

Breasts size: 2
Hair color: Blond
Eyes color: Brown
Height: 165
Weight: ~60 (a lot of cellulite)
Age: around 37 or 40
Time: 60 minutes
Price: 1400 czk

Rating: XXT01

First of all, she is clearly not the girl of the photos.
Deniska is more a milf than a student. She is about 37 or 40 years old. She is not fat but a lot of cellulite in her ass.

First deception when I arrived: her face, she is not pretty at all. Discolored hair, old wrinkled face, some winkles on her breast.

I should have left... But I stayed...

When the sex party starts, Denitska is very bossy and not friendly. First I wanted a blowjob on the couch. She asked: How am I supposed to do that? And she started to grumble, like it was the most difficult thing for her. Then she didn't want me to touch her hair. She violently rejected my hand.

Then I wanted have sex. She asked me: what position do you want? Tell me I don't understand! Clearly not natural, and not sexy at all. Then she didn't want me to touch her legs, and expressed it roughly, complaining.

After I wanted a blowjob with cum in mouth. Again what do you want? I don't understand. No more sex?

Then she left 5 minutes.

The 2nd round was almost the same: don't do this, don't do that, no fingers in my pussy, don't touch my leg, don't do this or don't do that. She was checking the condom every 2 minutes.

Then she left more than 5 minutes (there were 15 minutes left).

When she arrived: What do you want know?! I don't know! I wanted a massage... Just trying to save something of this meeting. The massage was not awsome, she clearly wanted to end the meeting. She stopped 5 minutes before the end.

Conclusion : I do not recommend Deniska. She is not the girl of the photos. She is much more older. She is rude, rough. Not GFE and not even trying.

Body : 5/10
Face : 3/10
Sex : 2/10
General rating: 3/10
Recommendation: xxx28

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 23 črc 2019 15:12
od JohnD
hi again,
thanks for nice feedback.
I'll certainly try my luck.
Noone here has any experience with a sexy pissing duo I suppose then.

Any preferences between Sweet Paradise and Show Park?
Or which is the best place to get 2 horny pretty young things to play with?

JohnD xxx70

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 23 črc 2019 16:23
od johnpuci
Fuck them both;-)

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 26 črc 2019 17:40
od Rock66
JohnD, maybe Monfas girls? Did not visit yet, but am tempted.
Sweet Paradise and Show Park are tourist rip-offs, 2 or 3 times the price of other places.

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 31 črc 2019 15:01
od JohnD
thnx Rock66, I'll check it out,

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 03 srp 2019 19:29
od Ivanaker
Hello guys, i was in Prague in may, im sorry im so late at reviewing. Was with a few girls so here are short reviews:

Hanka and lucinka, duo, mazlive studentky.
Just do it.
Everything great, not a single thing to say about it. Perfect both.

Roxy. Famous roxy. Everything you all said good about her is true. I have to add one more thing. Yes blow is great, but sex is even greater. She is so small that during doggy i felt like khal drogo fucking daeneris. Top choice.

Kristina, top private. Not recomended. Her vagina was so stinky i thought i was going to puke. Was afraid, and still am of some std.

See you again february

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 04 srp 2019 01:33
od sarkoku
OK, my turn to write some reviews here after my visit in Prague...

Linda @ PrivatGrace (Baranova / Flora) [advertised as 25/160/50/3],linda-priv ... -604460403

I wanted to book another one who wasn't on duty that day. So, this lady, Linda, had a few positive reviews, so I gave her a try for my first visit in this 4 room-apartment, close to Metro Flora.
When she opened, I saw a pleasant face though more mature than advertised. She clearly looks well over 25, maybe mid-30s. After separate showers, once undressed, i could notice a little tattoo just above her pussy, & her breasts clearly look silicone-enhanced (on pics, one could have a doubt because several pics are contradicting). She didn't deny having a boob job. As for size, they're a bit smallish for a C cup, I would say a B+ size is closer to reality.
As for action, she started with a very short blow-job, I asked her to carry on, which she did. But it was still sort of mechanical.
We had 2 rounds with massage in between. One position each time. She has a nice ass while doing doggy, that's the position I would recommend, especially if you're not much into silicone breasts. She doesn't climax. xxx13
It's complicated to give a rating for this meeting, because I'm really not into silicone boobs & her fellatio was mechanical, no lemon-licking (didn't ask either). I know I will not book her again... Nevertheless, she was kind, welcoming, helpful & listened to what I wanted to do. And time in bed was respected, so I didn't feel cheated during the meeting. Hence, I will still give her a positive rating XXT03
She works at Grace as an extra job, and she does it as a job.

1200 kc for 45 minutes in bed (no option), otherwise 1 hour = 1500 kc
[+] friendly, kind & welcoming
[+] listens to visitor's need
[-] silicon boobs (for me, it's a liability, some others may like)
[-] older than advertized

The photos on Tapky are not very useful, not sure if recent or even real. The most resembling ones are those I linked here.

From website:
Věk 25
Výška 160
Váha 50
Prsa 3
Barva očí Modrá
Barva vlasů Blond
Délka vlasů Dlouhé
Dostupnost Privát
Mluvím ČJ, EN, DE

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 04 srp 2019 02:47
od sarkoku
Next day, my next visit in an apartment was for someone I knew as a safe choice...

Katy @ TopPrivat (Slezska),katy-top-privat-774173618 XXT03

Katka is a well-known companion for visitors of Prague apartments. I already wrote reviews here & there for previous meetings with her. & with this one, I can only confirm what I wrote in the past :
Maybe this time, she tried to change her process: as a start, she laid on the back offering her body to touch. Only then, did she start taking initiatives... Anyway, as usual I had a good blow-job, 2 rounds of action with massages in between. She enjoys climaxing... xx21
She always gives the maximum service even for the minimum basic price in Happy Hour.

1 hour, no option : 1400 kc (HH, otherwise 1500)

I'm glad TopPrivat went back to old price listing, only happy hour is now 1400 crowns instead of 1300. But it's fair enough to me, especially with a safe choice like Katka.
Tapky rating: XXT03 of course.
Děkuji, Katko xxx49

Obrázek Obrázek Obrázek

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 05 srp 2019 16:01
od Rock66
Lenny - Žhavá koťata
Věk: 23 let
Výška: 168 cm
Váha: 53 kg
Prsa číslo: 3
Míry: 92-65-91
Jazyky: CZE, ENG
I had Lenny and her colleague in my favorites for a while, but as they are not often open never made it, until last week.
Made the appointment by phone a day earlier, for early morning next day. She asked to confirm 2 hours ahead.

Location Karlin, close to Křižíkova. Small, very clean apartment where we were alone.
Photos correspond to reality, I think age as well. She's really pretty, bosom more size 2+ than 3, but all natural. xxx93
Long hair, big brown eyes to drown in.
Visit to the bathroom, offered drinks, and then the start. She uses her hands to get you up, then puts on the rubber for the BJ (not possible without, which I don't mind). BJ quite good, she goes very deep. I could play with her a bit while she was at it.
Changed to her sitting on top, She uses gel. Her on top is an excellent view! Bouncing beauties! Did not take too long to get there for me. xx10
Afterwards she offered a massage (accepted), chatted a bit (her English is good), then off, perfect start of the day.

Paid 1500 for 1 hour, extra's not offered. Missed kissing, but recommend.

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 06 srp 2019 02:20
od sarkoku
My next visit in Prague was at Smichov, to the Cult. xxx50

XXT03 Vanessa @ PraguePrincess (v Lesicku) advertised as 18, 165cm, 53kg, B,vanessa-pr ... -776546611

OK, as I already wrote about her & another visitor also just made a reliable report, so I will not repeat what you all know by now...
My previous report here:

She's hard to book: although I sent an SMS in the morning after breakfast, I was offered a meeting for the evening.
Meeting went very well: 2 rounds with massages in between. First round's blowjob was a bit shortish maybe, but she gave kinky eye contacts. And second round's blowjob was longer xxx41, no licking of my lemons, though.
And yes, Vanessa is getting more GFE, & I will not complain about that.
Want to visit her again for sure... But she's hard to book. xxx60 I tried booking her again a few days later, even one day in advance. When I sent confirmation SMS 1 hour before meeting, I thought it was ok... But operatorka canceled meeting a few minutes later. Don't know why. xxx43

1500 kč for 1 hour (no option)
[+] great boby, nice young looking face
[+] friendly & GFE
[-] no lemon licking
Tapky rating: XXT03 XXT03

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 07 srp 2019 02:30
od sarkoku
Another visit at the Cult to try another slecňa.

Lucka @ PraguePrincess (advertized as 22, 160, 48kg, B),lucka-prag ... -776546611

Lucka is a brunette with glasses. She reminded me of a school teacher in some film. Face is very average girl next door's. Nothing special other than she hardly ever smiles.
No photo on her description page on Princess website, but Tapky kept pictures from her previous stay at Princess. Pics are real, but sort of deceiving: her boobs are a bit saggy & her waist is large.

I paid for one hour, no option: 1500 kč.
After separate showers, it started quite well: I could touch her breast through her clothes... Then started chit-chatting, but she'd rather remain very secretive.
As for serious action, she almost choked me with her breast (at least they're natural), pressing them hard on my nose. I had a very short blow job for one minute, then she took lubricant gel. We did 2 positions. When she was on top, she carefully avoided facing me, NO eye contact at all, When doing doggy, her large ass is quite pleasant to watch. I couldn't help giving a slap on it, but she didn't like it & clearly made it known. XXT02
After I came, massages were done & she let me touch her pussy. And I was still hoping for a second round, as we had enough time. But I never had it, not even a little blowjob xxx46 .

Her advert said she was GFE. So, I have to say that it's totally not what I had. She remained distant, almost unfriendly. When departing, she didn't even let me kiss her on cheek, but gave her hand to shake !
Hence, as for the rating, if she had been a little more friendly & smiling I would have given a neutral rate, but as I felt unwelcomed, I can only give her a negative one.
Tapky rating: XXT01

1 hour without option: 1500 crowns
[-] VERY short blowjob
[-] NO second round, despite enough time left
[-] very distant, NO eye contact, hardly any smile, not GFE at all !
Věk 22
Nová Ne
Tetování ne
Výška 160
Váha 48
Prsa 2
Barva vlasů bruneta
Barva očí zelená
Jazyky čeština
Zdravotní testy ano
Balíček 2v1 Ne

!!! 100% GFE !!!
Ahojky, jsem nová velice sympatická brunetka s hezkým obličejem a krásnými dvojkami, se kterou se budeš cítit jako s milenkou nebo kamarádkou. Jsem romantická mazlivá šelmička s dlouhými drápky, ráda si hraju ???? Miluju vášnivé a dlouhé líbání, mazlení, udělám Ti krásný orálek, miluji i divoké hrátky, tvrdé přirážení, střídání poloh… stačí jen zavolat, přijít a zažiješ ráj na zemi! Těším se na Tebe, Lucka
!!! Fotky jsou 100% slečny Lucky !!!

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 09 srp 2019 00:53
od Rhymist
Hi guys,

I hope I'm writing true place :)

I will be in Prague a couple of days later and I really need your help.

This is not my first time abroad although, nowadays to find real profiles and agencies on the internet is not easy.

If someone recommends me some girls who have good experiences and comments by the visitors, I will be literally grateful.

I have been reading this forum for few days and I saw some profiles and websites for example Mazlive Studentky/Hanka but they have neither online booking nor whatsapp/viber profiles. That's why I can't connect with them. When you call them, can they speak English? How can I contact?

Also, I'm very welcome to any kind of suggestions.

Thanks :)

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 09 srp 2019 01:45
od sarkoku
Next day, back to Flora to visit a long awaited one...
Laura @ PrivatGrace (advertised as 24, 172, 58, B),laura-priv ... -604460403

This apartment was long on my to-visit list because of Laura.
She's hard to book, because she works at Grace only 2 days in the week. She has another job.

Laura is a tall blonde woman, age might be a little more than 24, something closer to 30s maybe. Her boobs are very nice, with perky tits, maybe even bigger than advertized & all natural. xxx02...
Her pussy is not waxed or shaved, hair is cut short, but visible. Some may dislike.
Pics on website are real, but in my opinion, photographer could have done a better job, since she has assets.

Separate showers. (I have to point out that towels are quite worn out in this place)
Fellatio was a bit shy & shortish, without lemon licking. Then, action was quite long. We made several positions, at least 4. It took me some time to shoot my load. Hence, I didn't have a second round of action. xxx13... Only cuddles at the end. Also, time spent in bed was a bit short, more like 45 minutes. Yet, I would still recommend her, since she was kind & friendly, listened to my needs & did her job quite well. I may certainly visit her again, but will ask for a second round in advance, otherwise will pay only for a 30 minute meeting.

1500 kč for one hour, no option (45 minutes in bed)
[+] nice body & face, lovely boobs
[+] friendly attitude
[-] only one round of action
[-] short time in bed

Tapky rating: XXT03
Věk 24
Výška 172
Váha 58
Prsa 2
Barva očí Modrá
Barva vlasů Blond
Délka vlasů Dlouhé
Dostupnost Escort i privát
Mluvím ČJ, EN

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 09 srp 2019 03:04
od sarkoku
The day before I was to leave Prague, I was up for another time in bed. I ordered a visit to the Cult well in advance... but it got canceled in the last moment. xxx46... So, I had to find another plan in the rush... & why not try a totally unknown newcomer on the Prague scene. My choice fell on
Diana @ PrivatGrace (advertized as 24, 170, 50kg, B) *
No Tapky page yet, as I write this report (will add link later if any)
--edit--,diana-priv ... -604460403

The pics on advert (now removed & changed) though NOT fake, didn't do her justice, as she looks even much better in real.
As usual I booked the meeting by SMS & confirmed one hour in advance.
When she opened the door, I was pleasantly surprised. Diana is a tall brunette, hair length to the neck, beautiful sky-blue eyes & very sexy full lips, very nice body shape, her -natural- boobs & ass just lovely, pretty thin legs. Her skin is very soft, very pleasant to touch. Age looks close enough to reality.
After separate showers, back in room, she started it by getting on her knees to lick my lemons ! (I didn't even have to ask for it xxx33 ). Once on the bed, she carried on the fellatio with kinky eye contacts. She obviously loves giving oral & can do it very well... That 's how she made me come at first round. Then, she didn't even stop. During the whole meeting she was always active, always doing something. She helped me so that I gave her a hard climax. xx06... Fellatio again & 2 positions followed. Diana gave her best during the meeting: I felt like I was doing a porn with a girlfriend, xxx42... even though I only paid basic price without option.
I can only give her a positive rating & recommand her.
Tapky rating: XXT03 XXT03 XXT03...

1 hour, no option for 1500 kč (= 1 hour in bed !)
[+] great body, lovely features
[+] very friendly, totally GFE
[+] very active & loves sex
[+] fellatio queen, licks lemons

We didn't talk that much during the complete hour in bed. She said she's new in the business & plan to stay a few months in the apartment. So if you want to visit her, don't waste time... As for me, I couldn't wait long & visited her again on the next day, just before leaving Prague.

Second visit next day, she gave me oral for half an hour !.. xxx22
Věk 24
Výška 170
Váha 50
Prsa 2
Barva očí Modrá
Barva vlasů Hnědá
Délka vlasů Dlouhé
Dostupnost Escort i privát
Mluvím CZ, EN, RU
*[!!! This girl is NOT to be confused with another Diana who worked at PrivatGrace last year. 2018 Diana@Grace has a Tapky page & is AKA Sofie@Lolitas, Lenka@Lucerna, Diana@SexNo1]

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 15 srp 2019 00:31
od Rhymist
Hi fellas,

Does anyone know sex selmicky? can the operator speak english? There is not even English language selection on the website. (also masaze domecek and mazlive studentky) Im interested in meet with Charlotte.

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 20 srp 2019 10:31
od Aris
Hi guys, I am visiting in a few days Prague and I wanted to ask you again about Julie - Lucerna,although I just realised that I received a message from her a few months ago , here in, that she is out of business..

Her account in now inactive. If she is again in business, please let me now.
I was in many Privats,meet many girls,but the chemistry and sex with this girl is hard to forget.

Of course I will write reviews when I come back..

I see that Barunka is back in Mazlive.Still 22 years old XXX36
Maybe I 'll visit her..

I am a tourist that loved Privat like Lolitas,Lucerna,Geischa,etc. where I could find so many pretty and young girls.
But nowadays I can't find a Privat like these..

I think I will visit pragueprincess or privatgrace, I don't want to go to the "high class" xxx12 expensive Privats

If you know a Privat with a pretty girl,18-24years,white skin,preferably blond,please write

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 21 srp 2019 02:57
od sarkoku
I see that Barunka is back in Mazlive.Still 22 years old XXX36
At Mazlive, they have they own special way for counting years, where 18 months = one year. xxx50
I am a tourist that loved Privat like Lolitas,Lucerna,Geischa,etc. where I could find so many pretty and young girls.
But nowadays I can't find a Privat like these..
There was Privat Lilie few weeks ago, but website doesn't respond anymore. xxx46 Let's wait for next reincarnation. XXT02,eliska-pri ... -797847296

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 21 srp 2019 22:28
od zxcvbnm890

Dominika -Fascination
Prague 2-Namesti Miru
773 108 876
2000 CZK / HOUR + 1000 CZK ANAL

I took 1 hour with Dominika, she speaks excellent English, she is crazy about Sex ,beautiful toned legs and an ass that deserves to be fucked xx16
I knew the moment i saw her, I would bang her A-hole xxx50 she gave me a striptease and I lubed her asshole with my fingers and i pulled her hair in my hand and fucked her juicy ass from behind , we started slowly then she wanted it hard .The view from behind of my dick going to her ass was amazing, then we moved to the sofa and i continued fuking her asshole ,she let me finger her pussy during anal sex and i made her cum .
She was active, opened the A-hole more and asked me to fuck her ass harder, it was the hardest Anal bang i had in my life, i ended up spraying in her ass . xxx11

Second round we started with classic sex but soon I had to go back to that ASS.i tried all the porno postions that i wanted and ended spraying again in her asshole,i ended up destroying that ass 3 times in an hour. xx10 xx10
I m sure to visit that asshole again sooooon xx08 xx08
Gentlemen, i recommend her but treat her well please XXX36 , if you are looking for a blonde woman with a juicy ass and if you like hardcore A- sex go get her !!!

Re: Prague reviews in English

Napsal: 22 srp 2019 00:05
od Klukodvedle
zxcvbnm890 píše:
21 srp 2019 22:28

Dominika -Fascination
Prague 2-Namesti Miru
773 108 876
2000 CZK / HOUR + 1000 CZK ANAL
Hey, bro, thanks for the review. Although, I think the base price here is 1500 CZK, not 2000 - at least it's the price I paid for a basic hour when I was there. Are you sure you paid 2000 + 1000? If that's the case, I'm a bit afraid there's some hidden fee for English speaking gentlemen, if you know what I mean (sorry to say that). xxx12 xxx40 xxx19 xxx57 xx09
Anyway, at least you fucked her ass three times, which still counts. So, for 3000, I would say "not great, not terrible", but maybe next time you can have 10 beers somewhere nearby included in that price too.